New S43x series high-lumen Ensconce® architectural asymmetric uplight by elliptipar® in 4 sizes.

The Inula Columns & Bollards are a sophisticated and environmentally friendly pathway/area luminaire with no uplight. The proprietary optic provides clean lighting patterns with no striations. A recessed LED light engine, convex cone shaped light chamber and matte black finish provides a BUG up light rating of U0.

2 Step Macadam, 95+ CRI, No Color Shift, Zero-Dim™, Dim to Glow™ & RGBW+™, Aion LED has emerged as America’s premier linear LED lighting systems manufacturer.

Now in its sixth generation, the iconic MELLOW LIGHT is shaping the future of workplace illumination. With dual light channels, the brilliant direct light component and the gentle lighting wings can be controlled separately, allowing for customized, general and task-based lighting.

The FL530 is the small sized edition of FLIGHT, Sternberg’s affordable LED luminaire that can be mounted in single or multi-tiered configurations. Designed for roadway, area and site applications,

The ultimate in minimalist simplicity. 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and 5″ housing sizes for recessed and perimeter applications specifiable to the nearest inch in length.

Reduced-Glare, Indirect LED General Illumination
Five Decorative Dome Designs
Flanged or Flangeless Aperature Options: 5″, 8″ or 12

Dolma. Light becomes architecture.

Innovative Design

Uncompromising Quality

Leading Edge LED Technology

The LumeLEX 2020 Series is a tightly focused LED fixture, specifically designed for short and medium throw applications. This efficient, 5 watt LED fixture creates a 4 degree beam with 26,000 CBCP with 270 lumens. System efficiency up to 50 lumens / watt.

Evenly spaced premium LEDs provide continuous, seamless lines of light. Modular system of different forms, curves and connectors to meet a wide range of demands.

Seamless Stainless Steel Frame – LED adjustable pendant in 16″ or 24″ diameter.

Zumtobel – Panos recessed downlights comprised of compounded polycarbonate and micro-thin sputtered finish, which yields superior, high-performance solutions and with an efficacy of 125lm/W.

Dynamic White Dim to Glow @ 94 CRI, no color shift guaranteed for 5 years.

Zumtobel – Panos recessed downlights comprised of compounded polycarbonate and micro-thin sputtered finish, which yields superior, high-performance solutions and with an efficacy of 125lm/W.

elliptipar® next generation high performance cove

The ultimate in modern minimalism, the clean horizontal line of the Essence linear light chandelier by LBL Lighting will make a dramatic statement while not detracting from beautiful room surroundings.

The new LED Step Lights from Ambiance Lighting Systems are a perfectly balanced blend of the latest technology, high quality craftsmanship and beautiful design.

Maximize energy savings and cut maintenance costs with Venture LED lighting fixtures. Available for a wide range of applications, an ideal solution for new installations and retrofit.

The Menara pendant light from LBL Lighting features Moroccan inspired design notes that give life to this visually stimulating spun metal fixture.

Inula Column is a sophisticated and environmentally friendly pathway/area luminaire with no up light. The proprietary optic provides clean lighting patterns with no striations and minimal glare.

– Enables human centric lightingHelps to optically zone architecture
– Creates perceptual hierarchy
– Emphasize key elements
– Highlights materials and architectural features

The Regolo series is our new architectural linear lighting system, offered in LED or fluorescent sources. This product can be mounted individually or in continuous rows and is currently available for grid or drywall ceiling applications. Our snap-in lens system provides a crisp aesthetic and modern appearance across all three aperture widths of nominal 2”, 4” and 6”.

The Arca lighting system is a minimalistic and sleek pathway/area luminaire system with no up light. The proprietary optics provide excellent visual comfort and optimal spreading of light. Arca allows many different mounting configurations for a unique look and function.

SAN BRUNO, CA, November 30th, 2016, GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, proudly announces the selection of 10 products by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for the 2016 Progress Report. These high-performance LED lamps and luminaires replace a combination of incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light sources.

The INDEX by Neo-Ray brings the power of Wavestream™ to limitless applications with a suspended direct indirect LED luminaire marking the beginning of a new era.

This sleek and powerful BPL Series is the latest word in projecting high resolution black and white images, as well as single and multi-color patterns.

The LSI Gemini Series is a suspended lighting fixture that combines the versatility of LSI Track along with the functionality of an indirect LED Uplight.

Zumtobel – Panos recessed downlights comprised of compounded polycarbonate and micro-thin sputtered finish, which yields superior, high-performance solutions and with an efficacy of 125lm/W.

This TITANIUM LED SERIES HID replacement has been designed to run on universal voltage 120-277V. At only 98W it offers the same output as a 250-400W HID lamps.

Zumtobel – MIREL: With its clear, minimalistic and universally applicable design, the MIREL exploits its full potential, in terms of lighting quality and energy efficiency.

Aron Lighting – ACE™ Family Unique range of LED lighting products providing asymmetric and off-axis beam performance. Typical uses include task lighting, lighted coves, wall washing, perimeter and grazing.

Providing lighting solutions for Wall Grazing, Wall Washing, Flood Lighting, Cove, Task & Direct Lighting needs. Boca Flasher even has under water illumination solutions.

The Distributed Low-Voltage Power System utilizes pre-terminated low-voltage lighting cables for safe, flexible LED lighting installations.

Conserve energy, reduce operating cost, and improve lighting quality with the Fifth Light addressable lighting controls system.

The first lighting control room-based system that guarantees design simplification, ensures code compliance, provides single box Click & Go installation and is the most cost effective.

Seamless suspended luminaires with direct (G1)- or direct-/ indirect light distribution (P1) with topside dust cover.

Introducing a list of New & Spectacular 2016 Tech Lighting products.

The Bridge™ LED recessed offers a traditional yet modern design with the latest in solid-state lighting technology.

As a design element, the Arbor reflects the role of nature and the desire to stay connected with a more organic urban environment.

Area & Site Lighting Redefined. New benchmark in performance and features.

150W design delivers 13,750 lumens and replaces up to 400W HID fixtures

300W design delivers 27,500 lumens and replaces up to 1000W HID fixtures

450W design delivers up to 41,250 lumens and replaces up to 1500W HID fixtures

Expertly engineered with durable, marine grade components and seven optic options

LED technology increases efficiency, eliminates maintenance and supports green initiatives

16W floodlight designed to replace 250W quartz halogen fixtures. Durable, compact design with various accessories available for use on marine workboats, maintenance equipment and other demanding applications.

The Evenlite Waylighter low level emergency lighting system is the ultimate solution for egress emergency lighting.

The R3 by Lumato, is an architectural recessed luminaire that provides superior light quality, distribution and lumen options, in a shallow (3.5”) housing.

The All Field Series is the ideal solution for professional caliber outdoor sports lighting with features designed with municipal, high school, collegiate and semi-professional outdoor sports venues in mind.

General Structures, Inc. has been the best partner for C&I lighting standards since 1988. We adhere to standards set forth by AASHTO, ASTM International, and NEMA and weld all of our products to the highest American Welding Society standards.

PANOS LED Downlight Range – the future of Downlights is now.

Kreon Light+Building 2016.

With four lamp formats available and over twenty models to choose from, Bartco Lighting has cove lighting covered.

Eaton Named ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year by the EPA.

Texas Rangers Enhance Fan Experience and Energy Efficiency at Globe Life Park with Eaton’s Advanced Ephesus LED Lighting and Controls System.

M36 My White LED has won The Architectural Products Product Innovation Award (PIA) and is also Recognized by the IES Progress Committee as a unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting.

Custom solid state lighting solutions for the new architecture.